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About Us

Witteberghoek self-catering guesthouse, situated in the heart of the Langkloof, offers a unique getaway experience with the perfect balance between rustic nature and developed farm land. Our five guesthouses are placed on a working farm overlooking the majestic Witteberge. The farm is owned by the Strydom family and has a rich history as the farm is now managed by its fourth generation and stretches back over 100 years.


The five houses all offer different experiences but all of them honours the growth of the farm in the last 100 years. Royal Beaut, Sundowner and Fallawater, accommodates for smaller group or famliies of up to 4 people. 'Die Skooltjie' and 'Die Ou Opstal' accommodates larger groups. These names were chosen in description to what the farm offers and has been offering for all this time to its owners.



Each House is fully equipped with Bedding, Towels and a kitchen with crockery a Microwave and an Electric kettle. Furthermore each house has two braai places, both inside and outside. Each house is also equiped with a deluxe wood farm stove making your cooking possiblities so much more. Wood is available at a reasonable price. Bathrooms include a large shower, powered by Electrical/Solar Geysers.


Witteberghoek offers a range of activities including: marked walking trails, Bird watching, Star gazing, Mountain Biking, Fishing and Swimming. Other attractions include: a shallow cave, an insight to a working farm, and the magnificent surrounding Route 62. In season produce can be purchased directly from the farm, this may include apples, apricots, nectarines, prunes, and pears. The farm also produces a range of bottled water, energy drinks, flavoured water and honey bush tea. These products are managed under the name "Witteberg" and can usually be purchased throughout the Eastern- and Western Cape. These products are available throughout the year.

The Witteberghoek experience is aimed at people who enjoy and respect nature. Whether appreciating the view from the porch or being busy with the range of activities offered, Witteberghoek promises to fulfil your needs. So what are you waiting for? Whether you are looking for an adventure or much needed rest, Witteberghoek can and will accommodate you.

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