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Witteberghoek offers a wide range of activities, none of which are guided activities. Therefore own fishing gear, mountain bikes or motorcycles should be brought along by enthusiasts.

All of the activities on offer are practised at own risk.



We have a canoe available at Witteberghoek for offering endless fun for young and old.

Fresh Water Fishing:


A medium sized manmade dam on the farm offers the opportunity for endless fishing fun. Catch and release are practised here.

Shallow Cave:


This shallow cave is within walking distance of the houses and was previously decorated with Bushman drawings. These drawings was however not preserved and can not be seen anymore.

Marked Walking Trails:


There are marked walking trails on the farm and can be enjoyed safely. Both short and long walks can be done accommodating all fitness levels.



The Grootriver runs through the farm, and offers the opportunity to cool off with the occasional or frequent swim.

Mountain Biking:
Why not explore the farm life on a mountain bike? Own mountain biking gear is required.
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